Sunday, August 23, 2009

"drown the pain of this one to the sound of my guitar"

It has taken me a while to tell you about this, but last month I finally finished recording my first album. I'm a one man pop punk band called The Mildews, and my album is called Misadventures. It's 8 tracks of the poppiest punk your grandma has ever heard. No drums though, because I don't have a drummer, yet. That will hopefully be remedied someday. Either way, if you want a copy, send a couple of bucks and a nice note my way. Also, you should check out my myspace page:

Dan Murphy
PO Box 363
Edwardsville IL 62025


Maaike said...

It's a GREAT CD! Well worth a listen or twenty. Great lyrics and a lot of fun. You really should get yourself one!

madrea said...

Sounds great! I'll be sending you my latest zine soon and some other stuff, I'll include a few dollars for the cd as well! Thanks for the latest EM!

Christine B said...

Hey, Christine from the (old) Farmer's Daughter zine. I was thinking of you the other day. I'll send you a new zine and some $ for albums and to catch up on your zines. How's your new home?