Saturday, July 17, 2010

"alone and lonely aren't the same thing"

Today I discovered that, embarrassingly enough, when I collated the latest issue of The Juniper (#13), I had one of the pages backwards. I'm not sure how many of them went out this way, but by my estimation it was a few dozen. Sorry about that. I'm sure that anyone who read it figured it out and if nothing else found it humorous, but it's an embarrassment nonetheless. I usually try very hard to make certain that there are no mistakes. I'm kind of anal-retentive in that way. Oh well, I guess it just proves my human-ness. However, this isn't nearly as embarrassing as when I locked myself out of my apartment wearing nothing but a towel (a story for another time), so at least there's that.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

"is this your celebrated summer?"

I hope that your summer is going well. Mine is going okay so far. It has had its ups and downs, but I am generally a positive guy, so despite the unseen forces that insist on being in opposition to my happiness, I don't have any intention of letting them win. I'm scrappy and resilient if nothing else.
Have you been watching the soccer games? Admittedly I have only watched bits and pieces here and there, but I have enjoyed what I have seen. In fact, the excitement of soccer on the world stage spawned a noise track called "Soccer Match" which I have posted on my Hot Virus page. You should check it out if you are the least bit interested. It's replete with vuvuzelas, apparently the bane of World Cup viewers and spectators. I, for whatever reason, have found them to be quite soothing. Either way, stay in touch, becasue if you don't like this track, I will be posting several others in the coming weeks and months that will hopefully be more to your liking. (
Furthermore, I have about a dozen new Mildews songs written. I just need to find the time and the guts to record them. I would also like to acquire a bass guitar at some point so that I can flesh them out a bit, but whatever.
Happy Summer!
"Do you get tired of the stupid little boys
who do not think for themselves?
'Cause I got tired of the stupid little girls
Who wear their body weight in make up.

Do you get tired of the stupid little boys?
'Cause I was never one of them
I got tired of the stupid little girls
Who spend their whole lives planning their weddings"