Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"my heart's an autoclave"

Remember a while back when I was posting here every time I read a zine? That was weird.

Over a year ago, I received a zine in the mail called Phases of the Moon #2: I'm ready to grow young again. It's written by Ms. Skeleton Key. It has sat around in my apartment all this time, and now I finally got around to reading it. It was about time.

Ms. Skeleton Key's zine is awesome. Even though her story is much different from mine, I found so many things in her words that I could relate to. Much of what she wrote was just what I needed to hear right now. How serendipitous. Here is a random quote:

"This is a year of yesses (sic), and I speak in absolutes."

Is winter over, yet?

"I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam
and no one in her right mind would make my home her home."
-The Mountain Goats


Maaike said...

In answer to the Mountain Goats:

People in love are never in their right minds...if she's willing to risk her heart in your "home" shouldn't you be at least willing to open the door and try to let her in?

No winter is not over yet. It never will be. I believe it is here to stay. Forever winter. Forever frozen. Forever frost and sheets of glassy ice. We become so accustomed to the cold why would we ever dream of letting go?

PS: My pessimism lessons are going very well.

Laura-Marie said...

Dan, I hate to tell you what to do, but I'm going to tell you what to do right now. I really think you should make a website just for Carrot Row distro. I think you would get more orders that way, and people would have somewhere to direct others. For example, I'm going to mention Carrot Row in my next zine, and I wish there was a website where I could direct people. Well, I plan to direct them to your blog, but it's just not the same. What do you think?

Laura-Marie said...

Well, you could always make a new blog just for Carrot Row. Blogs is easy.