Sunday, July 24, 2011

Greenwoman Magazine: A Literary Garden

The long-awaited, premiere issue of Greenwoman Magazine is finally out! After a few delays, numerous headaches, and some minor miracles (you can read all about it on the blog), Sandra finally has an issue of her new magazine completed and ready for dissemination. And it's fantastic! The first thing I noticed was just how packed with writing it is. This isn't your typical mainstream magazine all bogged down with ads and filler. There is real content in this thing. Stuff you'd actually want to read. There are several columnists (myself included) covering a variety of topics including the praying mantis, book reviews, growing poppies, and what it really means to go green. Some of the main articles discuss things like eating organic food, raising chickens, and the politics of seeds and seed saving. Also included is an interview with fiction writer, Carleen Brice, and a biography of Indian plant guru, Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose. And even that's not it! Several more pages are filled with art, comics, poetry, short fiction, etc. I haven't actually read the whole thing yet, but so far my favorite is a short piece about one woman's obsession with "stealing" native plants and seeds. There is great talent all throughout this magazine thanks to Sandra's keen eyes and ears and her refusal to settle for mediocrity, which leads me to believe that it will be a big hit, especially among the crowd that is not satisfied gushing over the usual pap.
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