Saturday, January 03, 2015

2015: The Year of Declutter

I have been absent from this blog for many months now. I migrated most of my attention over to my other blog a while ago, but I certainly didn't mean to leave this blog completely ignored for so long.

I guess I just haven't known what to do with this blog. For a while I was just posting recommendations, first weekly and then monthly. I have been thinking about starting a blog that focuses mainly on simple, clutter free, pared down living. I am not a fan of overconsumption and our obsession with "stuff" (owning it, having it, buying it, hoarding it, always being on the look out for more of it). I am well aware that I have too much stuff, and I have been wanting to simplify for a while now. I figured if I start a blog about it and use it to document my paring down process, then maybe it would encourage me to actually do it. I would be accountable in some way.

The new year was approaching and I wanted to make simplifying my life my new year's resolution (or at least one of them). Starting another blog since I already have two doesn't really agree with the whole simplifying theme, so I decided to just use this blog for that purpose.

Being a seat of the pants kind of guy, I don't exactly have a clear and detailed plan as to how I am going to go about this. It's a journey, a marathon even, and it is one that won't be accomplished in a year's time. Regardless, I am calling this the Year of Declutter. Forthcoming posts on this blog will be updates on my decluttering journey and possibly some tips, links, resources, etc. that fit with this theme. Perhaps you would like to join in this journey and pare down your own life. If so, follow my blog and feel free to comment along the way. Let's be in this together.

As I mentioned, this is not my only blog. I write a blog about all things plant related called Awkward Botany, which has a sister microblog. You can also find me on Twitter. If you like what you find here and/or on my other sites, please share it with your friends. Oh, and consider using #phytocurious when posting about anything planted related, that way I can find it easily and enjoy it as well.

Speaking of things plant related, I have decided that one of my first decluttering tasks will be to organize my box of seeds in preparation for the upcoming spring. How about you?

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope your year is not austere.