Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"i totaled another amp, i'm calling in sick"

The release of Sonic Youth's new album is only two weeks away. That's cause for another great Sonic Youth moment from the past:

Did you ever see the music video for Sonic Youth's "Bull in the Heather?" It featured Kathleen Hanna of the legendary riot grrrl band, Bikini Kill. She was the dancer. They didn't give her any direction as to what she was supposed to do, so she just danced around like a maniac all over the set (dance party, bedroom style). She kissed Kim on the cheek, dirty danced with Lee, mocked Steve's drumming and wrestled with Thurston (she even gave him a bloody lip according to the video commentary). Best of all, they paid her enough money to make rent that month. However, she probably would have done it for free, because like she said, "No one's too cool for Sonic Youth."

"smashed up against a car at 3 a.m.
kids dressed up for basketball beat me in my head
there's bum trash in the hall and my place is ripped
i totaled another amp, i'm calling in sick
it's an anthem in a vaccum in a hyperstation
daydreaming days in a daydream nation"
- Thurston Moore

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"punk rock died when the first kid said, punk's not dead"

The new Sonic Youth album, The Eternal, comes out in only three weeks. In anticpition of that event, I will be randomly posting awesome Sonic Youth moments from the past.

Today's moment is when Sonic Youth were featured in an episode of The Simpsons. The year was 1995. It was the 7th season of The Simpsons, and the episode was called, "Homerpalooza." Homer was part of the freak show in the touring music festival, Hullabalooza. The festival included Cypress Hill, Smashing Pumpkins, Peter Frampton, and Sonic Youth. Unfortunately, Sonic Youth didn't get as much exposure as the other artists, but there was a scene where they got caught stealing watermelon from Peter Frampton's cooler. Later, Kim Gordon delivered this awesome line, "Hullabalooza isn't about freaks. It's about music and advertising and youth-oriented product positioning."
Sonic Youth also covered The Simpsons theme song which played during the end credits. It was awesome.

Bonus quote from the same episode:
"I finally tapped into that spirit of self-destruction that makes rock and roll the king of music."
-Homer Simpson

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"punk rock dream in a dimebag world"

There are a few exciting things coming up, just so you know.

-May 16th - I graduate from college with a B.S. in Horticulture
-June 9th - Sonic Youth comes out with their new album, The Eternal
-June 23rd - Dinosaur Jr. comes out with their new album, Farm
-July 23rd - I get to see Sonic Youth live in Boise, Idaho
-Shortly after that - I move to Edwardsville, Illinois to go to graduate school

Certainly there are other exciting things happening along the way, but those are the things that stick out the most right now.

Summer 2009 is fast approaching. I'm pretty sure it's gonna rule.

" I don't want a girlfriend who doesn't listen to the Ramones
I don't want a girlfriend who doesn't go to punk rock shows."
-The Invalids