Monday, March 26, 2007

"that seven year itch became a lifelong twitch"

the skeleton of a silo
Originally uploaded by juniperbug.
"...and now I'm agoraphobic to the bone."

I wanted you to see this picture so that you would know what I meant when I said that the skyscrapers of Moscow, Idaho are coming down.

Also, I rediscovered the Challenger song, "Input the Output", today and it reminded me that, "Love? It's just an added expense..." It's also a great song to yell and break stuff to, so the image of a destroyed silo is fitting.

Now, if only I could focus on my Chemistry homework.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"spring time is war time, all eyes to the crime box"

Yesterday was the first day of spring, so here is a poem for you by Dylan Thomas:

Here In This Spring
Here in this spring, stars float along the void;
Here in this ornamental winter
Down pelts the naked weather;
This summer buries a spring bird.

Symbols are selected from the years'
Slow rounding of four seasons' coasts,
In autumn teach three seasons' fires
And four birds' notes.

I should tell summer from the trees, the worms
Tell, if at all, the winter's storms
Or the funeral of the sun;
I should learn spring by the cuckooing,
And the slug should teach me destruction.

A worm tells summer better than the clock,
The slug's a living calendar of days;
What shall it tell me if a timeless insect
Says the world wears away?


Also, this week marks the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. I can think of several things that are much greater causes for celebration than that. Either way, here's to another four years of imperialism and cultural hegemony and bowing down to the corrupted interests of oil tycoons and psychotic lobbyists. Sorry world.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"i feel like i wouldn't like me if i met me"

Just a few random things for you to read if you'd like:
-neko case is a heartbreaker.
-Am I always supposed to remember that time so long ago when I felt invincible up on that haystack? I guess so.
-The skyscrapers of Moscow, Idaho are coming down. This must be the beginning of the end.
-I like listening to mixes that other people make. They stay unfamiliar longer.
-Riding my bike through a hailstorm makes me feel powerful.
-I sing everything off-key, but at least I'm brave enough to try. I'm not afraid to dance long as there aren't very many people watching.
-If someone taught a class on how to make friends, I would take it. If someone taught a class on how to be a better kisser, I wouldn't need it.
-Can people tell when I'm being sarcastic and when I'm not?

In other news: I think I'm going to start a new blog to document my farming and gardening this summer. Maybe that will help me write about it more often. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"we can live another life, we can die another death, we can get born again"

i shouldn't be admitting this, but something's missing lately...
there is longing.
there is too much emptiness.

i want more of this stuff:

"hello, my name is on my shirt pocket
i'd rather not speak right now
i'm remembering something

most typically my dreams are dreadfully boring,
therefore i go to these places just to see the girls
with hair like hers
with clothes like she wore
with smells like hers
with handwriting like hers

you wrote me little letters
and you brought me lunch that time at my work
and that poem you left on my windshield wrapped in plastic
to protect it from the rain"


"when i held you close
i felt my mind explode
and at that point my whole life froze
we can't go back from here
the feeling's far from fear
it's over, take my hand, we'll disappear"
-dinosaur jr.

don't worry about me ... this too will pass.