Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Juniper #3

The third issue of The Juniper is out now. The Juniper is my meek attempt at a gardening and sustainable living magazine. This issue includes stuff about past gardening, manipulating science for love of money, the importance of soil in agriculture, debunking monoculture, raising chickens, getting your garden started in 2005, a few recipes and some reading recommendations. All that stuff for just one 37 cent stamp. It's a steal.

Send that stamp to:
Dan Murphy
PO BOX 6352
Boise ID 83707

or contact me here:

Monday, January 03, 2005

The New Year

"It doesn't matter how gentle you are, after fifty years, you always end up wearing away the stuff you love, rubbing it out with your fingertips, cracking the foundation every time you tap your foot. The humidity in your breath brings down paint and plaster. The weight of you, after a while, makes the planet sag." -from Dream Whip #11

It's a new year, so everything's older. If you care at all, you'll take care of yrselves - and your friends & family, too. You'll even take care of strangers.

We're getting older and we might not be able to keep from looking it, but hopefully we can keep from feeling it. So take a deep breath, savor the quiet of a calm thought and don't get too caught up in all those heavy breezes. Most of all, just enjoy being a whole year older - that'll make it easier.

Happy New Year.