Monday, June 23, 2008

"i'll love you forever if i ever love at all"

During the summer, I try to get caught up on my zine reading. I don't think it's humanly possible to ever get caught up though, but I do what I can.
Recently I finished reading two zines that were somewhat similar in content. They were, for the most part, travel zines, and they both included trips to Europe. They have both been around for quite a while I guess. I'm glad that I finally got around to reading them, because they were both totally worth reading. They were:
-America? #14 by Travis F.
-Dream Whip #14 by Bill B.

Here are a few quotes from Dream Whip:
"In Austin, it was impossible to go on a simple errand without falling in love. Every time I mailed a letter, or went to buy a loaf of bread, I'd wind up with a broken heart." (pg. 32-33)
"The Berlin train pulls confidently out of Rotterdam's central station and speeds forward with a kind of assurance I can only dream of having. Me and my hesitant forward motion. Always shuffling and second-guessing." (pg. 165)
"For the first time in a couple months, my passport matches the country I'm coming into. 'Citizenship?' the border cop asks. 'American,' I say. 'Unfortunately,' I want to add, but I don't. I don't mention that I feel more like a dual citizen: American by birth, but Unamerican by inclination." (pg. 244-245)
"While I eat my ice cream, I think about happiness. How it's always temporary and unpredictable, and how most of the time, you don't even recognize it till later, when you're far away from it. Sadness sticks around. It's like your most reliable friend. You can be yourself around sadness. It'll drive across the country with you and it won't complain if the food is bad or if the motel has roaches. But happiness is a different story. It's always ditching you. Leaving you stuck with the bill. There's no one you'd rather spend your time with, and happiness knows it." (pg. 251-252)

Oh, and just like I promised, I added more links.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"it's not pretty, i know...but still, this is who i'll always be"

Stranger things have happened, but on June 10, 2008, it snowed in Moscow, Idaho. What the...? I can only wait for so long for summer to come, and then I may be forced to take drastic actions. I haven't decided what those drastic actions will be yet, but trust me, they will be drastic.

After sending zines to Wyoming and Oklahoma, I am down to my last three states, and then my Elephant Mess U.S. Takeover will be complete. The last three states are: North Dakota, South Carolina and Mississippi. 2009 could be the year that Elephant Mess rules the Western world...or not.

My friend, Maaike, is selling her sock monkeys; plus she has an awesome zine called The Sixth Minky. I have added a link to her blog in my links section, so check it out. I plan on adding more links to my links section in the near future (maybe), so be in touch.

"Bothell is beautiful in the fall
Days of my youth were not so long ago
I learned things here that some men never see
The lucky ones know exactly what I mean."
-Rocky Votolato

Oh yeah...I turned thirty.

Friday, June 06, 2008

"the devil didn't make me do did"

The Juniper #10
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Um...I guess it's been done for a couple of weeks now, but I have just been slow to tell you. Either way, The Juniper #10 is out now and ready to be disseminated. It's a short read, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I wrote about food preservation, critical mass, food not bombs, etc. Plus I included a recipe for seitan which you should really try. You know the deal: stamp by mail or free in person. I also enjoy trades, but this issue is pretty small, so if you do send a trade, I can pretty much guarentee you that I'll be getting a better deal than you will.
Send your stamp (or trade or even just a friendly letter) to:
Dan Murphy
PO Box 3154
Moscow ID 83843
Contact me if you are interested in helping me with distribution: