Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Juniper #16

Hello friends and foes! The 16th issue of The Juniper is out now! It's about time, right? In this issue, I write about embracing change, being human, raised bed gardening, the proper way to add organic matter to your garden, purposeful gardening, and pruning rosemary plants. This zine is free, but if you have a dollar or stamps to donate to the cause, that would be greatly appreciated as printing and mailing costs add up. I am also, for the first time, offering a pdf version of the zine. If you would like a free pdf copy, just send me a request by email. Otherwise, send your dollar or stamp(s) to the following address:

Dan Murphy
PO Box 9862
Boise ID 83707

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monthly Recommendations: February 2013

The Other F Word - A documentary about punk rockers becoming fathers (F = fatherhood) and the challenging dichotomy of living an anti-authoritarian lifestyle while simultaneously having to be an authority figure to your children. Fascinating.

Greenwoman Magazine - The fourth issue of Sandy's garden writing magazine is out, and it's packed with the quality content you've come to expect. A musing on chickens, thoughts on the challenges of birds in the garden, an interview with Amy Stewart (an artist), a "Diary of a Garden Goddess," some fiction, art, poetry, and so much more. Get your hands on a copy of this.

A Valentine's Day message from Laci Green of Sex+.