Monday, December 16, 2013

Monthly Recommendations: December 2013

I am doing something different for this month's Monthly Recommendations post. Seeing how it is the end of the year, I have decided to select a few of the things that I recommended this year in my monthly posts and re-recommend them. These are things that I think are totally worth checking out. Consider this the highlight version of this year's recommendations.


Brave Hannah - Yes, it's my sister's blog. Yes, that makes me a little biased. But it's a really great blog for anyone interested in eating real food, staying active, and generally living a healthy and positive life. If that's your thing, then give it a look.


Answers for Aristotle: How Science and Philosophy Can Lead Us to a More Meaningful Life - I read a lot of books this year - way more than usual - but this book by Massimo Pigliucci is by far the most intriguing book I read all year. I think about it regularly and intend to read it again soon. Yes, it's that good.


Dream Whip #15 - Dream Whip is one of my all-time favorite zines. Bill Brown's writing is simple yet so profound. Getting to read a new issue of Dream Whip was a highlight of my year.


Caustic Soda - When I recommended this back in August, I had only listened to one or two episodes. I honestly didn't fully comprehend what I was listening to at that time, but I knew I liked it. Now that I've listened to nearly every episode, I think I can safely say that I am a bona fide Caustic Soda Jerk. With healthy doses of humor, lightheartedness, caution, and seriousness, nobody discusses "caustic" themes like these guys. Give it a few listens, and you'll find that - just like a train wreck - you won't be able to turn away.


The Kingons - Because I am convinced that everyone needs a little pop punk in their lives every now and then. (Or in my case, the more the merrier).