Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"and all the lies and fears will stick to me like glue"

I think that I need more of this in my life:

BE THOU MY VISION (by Pedro the Lion)

"be thou my vision
oh lord of my heart
naught be all else to me
save that thou art
thou my best thought
by day or by night
waking or sleeping
thy presence my light
riches i need not
nor man's empty praise
thou my inheritance
now and always
thou and thou only
first in my heart
high king of heaven
my treasure thou art"

sorry, dude.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"i'm giving you a jar full of something awful"

juni 8
Originally uploaded by juniperbug.
As tradition would have it, I am slow at informing you about my new zine. Either way, The Juniper #8 is finished and ready to be mailed off to you (regardless of exorbitant postal charges). This issue is mostly about seeds: starting seeds indoors, purchasing seeds, seed activism, sprouting seeds. Also: car ownership and food poisoning. Send me a first class stamp, and I will send you a copy.
Dan Murphy, PO Box 3154, Moscow ID 83843

e(vil)mail: juniperjournal@hotmail.com

Some people are ingenious.

Oh, the possibilities. Different colored cups for different plants. Multiple options for mini-greenhouses. Inexpensive. Are polymers better than peat (environmetally speaking)? Salvage these materials to enhance your eco-savviness.
(click on the photo to find out where it's from.)