Sunday, June 25, 2006

"maybe we can get Assuck to play the senior prom"

Would you like to know what zines I read this week (week ending 6/24/06)? Well, here they are:
-ladypajama is... #20
-Comic Jam #44
-Herbivore #11
-My Little Friend #2

I moved into a new apartment this week. It's super tiny but very close to downtown. As soon as I get settled and organized it will be a pretty nice little place.
I ate the first radishes and snowpeas from my garden! They tasted real good. It's nice to see something positive come out of it because overall it's not going too well. That's okay takes practice.
I'm itching to make another zine. The two that I have been slowly working on are being continually delayed for various reasons...mainly because I've been so busy. I'm thinking of making one of them 24 hour zines. That would be exciting. I should have time for it soon because I think I'm finally going to start getting some days off at work...more than just one or two a week.
What zines have you been reading?


jude said...

what's a zine?

robotmadder said...

I been reading Diamond in the Rough, Honey Pot, and some Doris anthology.