Sunday, March 06, 2005


I guess it's time that I officially announce the name change of my publishing company. About a year ago I chose the name Family Geek Press which was also in replacement of an older name, but this time I believe I have chosen a name that's finally going to stick. Everything that I publish from here on out will be put out under the name, Juniperbug Productions.
I have big plans for my production company, some of which are: a zine/book distro, short films, publishing other people's stuff and putting out music. These are all still in the planning process though, so don't expect anything major to happen anytime soon. Just know that The Family Geek Press is dead; Juniperbug Productions is alive. New issues of Elephant Mess and The Juniper are in the works and back issues are still available. I'll keep you posted.

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