Friday, May 13, 2005

The Geek Is Back

Can you believe it? I'm putting out another issue of The Family Geek. I thought that zine was dead for good....but no, it's been revived somehow. Even though I changed the name of my publishing company from The Family Geek Press to Juniperbug Productions, I still found some reason to keep The Family Geek zine going. It's hard to let a good zine die. So, issue #3 is really simple (just like the last two). It includes zine updates, a couple of CD reviews and some interesting random stuff that you might like to know about, but maybe not. As usual, it will only set you back a stamp (well actually two, because you'll have to use a stamp to send me a stamp, but either way...). Order a copy today... it should be done within a week now that school's out.
Dan Murphy
PO Box 6352
Boise ID 83707

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