Friday, October 14, 2005

What do the Germans have to say about The Juniper?

The Juniper #3 and #4 were recently reviewed in a punk rock magazine from Germany called Trust. Here's what they had to say:
"As I'm reading these zines I'm humming an altered version of a Lagwagon tune, 'Hi, it's Dan, seemingly bored again' or else how else could he put out so many zines that still don't really sound the same? He remains hopelessly romantic when it comes to gardening(#3) and biking (#4) as his contribution to improving life (one's own but also life in general) on Earth. Apart from that some recipes (could it be you're a bit obsessed with the idea that people should eat more dandelions, Dan?) can also be found in these zines, but more importantly all articles are delivered by this genuinely optimistic (rarity, especially in zine-land) personality that is Dan Murphy."
Interesting. Not a bad review. And yes, I do want people to eat more dandelions...myself included. Thanks Alva.


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