Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I went and got myself all edumacated.

This semester of school is officially over for me. Wahoo!! Now, I have nearly a month off for Christmas (Ha! I said 'Christmas') break. I'm working on a new issue of Elephant Mess that I hope to have done within the next coupla weeks, plus I want to work on the book I am writing as much as I can....and if I have time, I'll start working on the next issue of The Juniper. I'll definitely get some new reviews posted up here real soon as well. Meanwhile, Elephant Mess and The Juniper are being distro-ed by a brand new distro (it just opened this month) called Sweet Pea Zine Distro coming to you live and direct from the state of Washington, so check it out...and order some zines. Give the girl some business.
Keep checking back cuz there are more posts coming right up.

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