Thursday, February 09, 2006

Map Yourself On My Mappity Map

Greetings dedicated readers of this tepid blog which is rarely updated and only mildly entertaining. I am pleased to inform you of a brave new step that I have just taken in the wide world of wires and satellite signals otherwise known as the interweb. I have just opened up an account at Frappr! and created a group for Juniperbug Publications. Frappr! of course is just another one of those blog/profile/photo sharing/friend gathering sites, but what is unique about it is that it has a map so you can see where all your friends live. Thus, what I would like all of you readers of my zines (Elephant Mess, The Juniper, et al.) to do is to go to my group page and plot yourself on my map. It's really easy to do, and it will only take a few moments of your time. That way I can see how well I am progressing towards world domination. I love maps and such, so this is definitely the site for me. Plus, you'll get to see where all of the other wonderful readers of my fine zines live and possibly even find a fellow reader in your hometown. Then we can all become a big group of geeky internet friends. Yeah!!!!

go here:

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robotmadder said...

OKay, I added myself, but I don't see a map. Did I do it wrong?