Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"our lives are just long saggings of the spine"

Yesterday, I went the whole day without turning on the TV in honor of TV Turnoff Week. It felt great. I noticed that I had much more time to do other things, like study for my chemistry test, listen to music, listen to NPR and college I felt more motivated, and my convictions feel like they got a work-out. This is something that I should do more often. I definitely feel inspired to watch less TV. I really don't actually watch that much, but I tend to have it turned on a lot just to provide some white noise. Yesterday, I was reminded that there are better sources of white noise. More uplifting ones.
I listened to Doug Martsch's solo CD, and he taught me that maybe my "heart [is] too large for my sleeve," and that's probably why I keep it locked away and won't let anybody near it. And that's no way to live.

"there isn't a way of deciding
which half of life's less inviting
awake or a dream
'cause both of them lead you to suffer
you wake from one into the other
twice a day"
--Doug Martsch


Maaike said...

"Whatever it is that lies within - just Tell me.. Open up your Heart,
and I shall guard it with my life and soul." Angivel of Zanarcadia

Take care of your heart until the day comes that it is strong enough to lend to someone else who's willing to give you hers in return. Then you each will keep the other's heart safe inside your own ribcage and you'll never have to worry again about the state of your own heart, because you'll have hers to look over instead.

Angivel of Zanarcadia said...

Hi there.. I happend to see that you have quoted me, and I'm just curious as to where you found it.. Anyway, have a nice day, sincerely - Angivel