Monday, June 25, 2007

"for the blood that's trapped in veins and the oxygen it claims"

-I will clean and organize my apartment.
-I will answer all my mail.
-I will finish planting my garden.
-I will listen to more punk rock.
-I will go skateboarding more often.
-I will become a master gardener.
-I will read more comic books and zines.
-I will also read more books.
-I will learn how to fall in love again.
-I will make more screenprints and blockprints.
-I will find time to play my guitar and write more punk songs.
-I will learn how to sew.
-I will work on my zines and distro.
-I will go on more long bike rides.
-I will go on more camping and fishing trips.
-I will live more simply.
-I will keep on fighting.

"I'm trying to find creative ways to keep my head out of the noose."
--J Church

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Laura-Marie said...

I got zines in the mail from you today--thank you! A letter will be on its way to you soon.