Sunday, September 30, 2007

"your heart won't heal right if you keep tearing out the sutures"

I want secrets and anonymity.
I embrace my anti-social tendencies.
I stretch myself thin trying to be accommodative.
I take pride in single-hood.
My individualistic independent-ism overwhelms me.
I become selfish, self-centered, and disconnected.
Cellphone is dead.
Introversion abounds.


Laura-Marie said...

Talking about your introversion is kind of an oxymoron.

Josh said...

It's weird... I do pretty much the same things. Kind of holding yourself captive from others in your search to aid them and secretly both wanting to let someone in and enjoying the seclusion at the same time. That's what I read from this.

PS. I found your blog searching for "a baby sleeps in all our bones" and thought it was worthy of mentioning. And... Postal Service quote? :D Hooray!