Friday, May 30, 2008

"let it go...the damage in your heart"

I was going to blog about something, but then I forgot.

I was also going to blog about this:
I was on vacation visiting my family. I read a zine that I really liked. It's called Hip Hop Don't Stop. If you have never read an issue of said zine, you are missing out. Tyler's zine is awesome, and it just keeps getting better with each issue (he's up to issue #7). Tyler has graduated college and is adjusting to "the real world." His thoughts and observations about and inspired by such things are intriguing. Tyler is a guy I can relate to, and when I read his words I feel like I'm having a conversation with my brother or a good friend. Oh...but don't steal Tyler's yooper scooper, or else he'll be PISSED.

If I ever remember what I was going to blog about, I'll let you know.

"one more loss in a losing life
doesn't hurt so bad, anymore"

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