Saturday, August 09, 2008

"1960, I am so over you."

Didn't I say something about posting a weekly list here on this blog? I'm pretty sure I did.

Things That I Harvested From My Garden This Week (8/5 - 8/9)
-Mache (aka corn salad or lamb's lettuce)
-Arugula (aka Rocket)
-Summer Savory
-Lemon Balm
-Korean Mint

Does urban/suburban farming interest you? Even if it doesn't, you should still check out this video. It's all about growing your own food, which is possible even if you live in an urban setting (and even if you are a renter). I like the guy's opinions about cohabiting with the insects and seed-saving. Something else you should check out is a documentary called The End of Suburbia. Perhaps you can find it at your local library or video store.

Also, a post on livejournal brought to my attention a little website called Zine Classifieds. I haven't posted anything on it yet, but it may be of interest to you.

"I know people say life goes on, and it does. But no one tells you that's not a good thing." -Betty Draper on Mad Men

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Laura-Marie said...

Strangely enough, my library seems to have four copies of End of Suburbia in Spanish but none in English. Maybe the online catalog is misleading me and I should call.