Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"young hearts should explode from all the lies they've been told"

The Juniper: Summer 2008
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I finished the summer supplement of The Juniper #10, just like I promised I would. It's mostly pictures - kind of like a picture diary. It just shows what I've been up to this summer. You should get yourself a copy. Just send a stamp or a nice letter or some sort of trade to me:
Dan Murphy
PO Box 3154
Moscow ID 83843

Also, I am back on the air again. A new semester is in full swing, which means a new schedule of radio shows at the student radio station (KUOI 89.3 FM). My show is called The Vegetable Patch, and it airs every Tuesday morning (until the end of this semester) from 6-8:30am pacific time. You can listen online at www.kuoi.org

I gave myself a paper cut today trying to open the envelope that held the brand new issue of Zine World. Consider that a plug for one of the best zine review zines around. (Plus they said that I am friendly and unpretentious. At least somebody thinks so.)

Okay, that's all.

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