Friday, October 17, 2008

"i'm the fort knox of secrets"

The Presidential elections are coming up, so I guess I better put my two cents in. I am not in any position to tell anyone how to vote, people should vote their conscience, and that’s a personal choice. Nor do I know for sure if voting really even counts for anything (remember what happened in 2000?); the jury is still out on that one. What I do know is that things are wrong and stuff is broken, and something has got to change, radically and thoroughly. We need a revamping. A complete overhaul.

It was Noam Chomsky who said, “the United States effectively has a one-party system, the business party, with two factions, Republicans and Democrats.”

I have never considered myself a member of any specific political party. And like many people (perhaps even most people), I am tired of this corporate duoply. Personally, I believe that if votes are going to be cast, they should be cast for independent candidates. Unless you whole-heartedly believe in what either the Democrats or the Republicans stand for, don’t vote for them. Why perpetuate this sick and sorry tradition of voting for the lesser of two evils? I wouldn’t be able to feel good about myself if I voted for someone who I didn’t fully believe in under the premise that, well, at least he/she is better than the alternative. Vote your conscience. Take pride in your decision. Stand up for your beliefs, and don’t back down. Don’t settle.

This country will never have a viable third party (or a second party if you consider what Chomsky said), if people don’t first begin to cast their votes for independent candidates. Consider this, if all you watch, listen to or read is mainstream news, you would most likely never know that there are actually several other candidates running for President besides just ObaMcCain. The corporations have taken over, and the Republicrats (aka Kleptocrats) are fully entrenched in the corporate army. It’s time for something different, don’t you think?

A few demands:

-Kick the crooks out of Washington.

-Reverse gangster capitalism.

-Give the people the power that the Constitution guarantees them.

-Smash the corporate duopoly.

“A vote cast for a Republican or a Democrat is a wasted vote because it ensures that nothing will change.” –Bob Barr, Libertarian Presidential Candidate

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