Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monthly Recommendations: July 2013

Here are some titles to add to your summer reading list:

Xerography Debt - Zine World may be dead, but Xerography Debt is still very much alive. This is a great resource for finding new zines to read and for connecting with fellow zine writers. The columns are worth your time as well.

Dream Whip #15 - Bill Brown writes about a bike tour in a way that only Bill Brown can. He made a movie about activists who work along the U.S./Mexico border, and he showed it at various places across the U.S., getting to each location by bike and making the trip with various friends. "LJR's knee was bugging her for a few days. But now it's better. She darts ahead of Mike and me and pretty soon, she's barely visible. Seeing her like that, a little black dot under a huge Kansas sky, makes me feel like a little black dot, too: small and lonely and lost in space."

Zera and the Green Man - Sandra Knauf, editor of Greenwoman Magazine, has finally published her young adult novel, something she's been working on for more than a decade. Zera is a teenager who discovers that she has a very unique connection with plant life and the earth. The trouble is that her Uncle (who became her legal guardian after her parents died) works in the biotechnology industry, creating bizarre combinations of plants and animals and thereby threatening the ecology of the planet and the future of the human species. An entertaining and important read. There is no print version available, but you can purchase a kindle edition on amazon. Other options may soon be available. Visit Sandra's website for updates.

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