Sunday, December 12, 2004

Here Is A Poem

by jessiKah dragon

i'm the fruit fly to his mango
he's the honey to my bee
i am praying to his mantis
that he'll take a shine to me -
but he trapped me in his evil web,
he has a different plan
to inspect my lovely membranous wings
while i'm wanting all sorts of other things...
he's catalogued and numbered me
and stuck me in a case,
while i lay disabled, broken,
longing for his sweet embrace -
what i got right through my thorax
was a shiny silver pin
which wrecked my life,
and broke my heart,
and sliced my insides all apart
just like a tiny guillotine
and now i'm miserably bleeding green -
coz he's the sole object of my affection,
but i'm just an insect in his collection
and there's no way we'll ever coexist ...
coz this boy's an entomologist.

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