Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Elephant Mess Re-invented

So the 15th issue of Elephant Mess is done. I've been unemployed for the last month otherwise this wouldn't have happened. But a disadvantage to being unemployed is that I don't have the money to print it. Normally I pass along all my zines for free (usually only asking for a trade or some stamps or nothing at all), but this time (because I have no money) there is going to be a charge - at least for those that want a copy of this right now and maybe for everyone if I don't get a job soon. Anyway, issue number fifteen is The Unreviews Issue which just means that it's me writing about a bunch of random stuff that I don't normally write about. Rather than reviewing things like CDs or books or zines, I'm unreviewing things like record players, dumpster diving and public urination - hence, The Unreviews Issue. It's fun...and much different from all the past issues of Elephant Mess. So, don't judge this issue by other issues you've seen and order a copy today. I'm only asking for a buck - not the new one dollar which is two dollars. Just one dollar. Send your George Washington for EM15 to:
Dan Murphy
PO BOX 3154
Moscow ID 83843

or paypal to

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