Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Anchor Archive Zine Distro

This is a zine distro that you should know about if you're at all interested in gardening, sustainable living and DIY projects/ethics. It's run by Sarah Evans in Halifax, NS. Sarah does the zine, Root, among other zines and things, and seems really excited about promoting the independent press in her neck of the woods. It also seems like she's living the life that the zines she distributes are about. So far, I've only ordered a few zines (zines about vermicomposting, geodomes and dandelions), but there are plenty of zines that I'd like to order. The catolog includes zines about greywater, self-defense, herbal medicine, DIY gynecology, knitting, screenprinting, zine making and more. There is even a zine entitled "Knit Your Own Beard." Many of these zines are written by Halifax residents, so Sarah is keeping it local which is awesome.
write to her for a catalog and more info:
Sarah Evans
POB 33129
Halifax NS
B3L 4T6 Canada

Oh, and by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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