Saturday, January 07, 2006

Carbusters #25

This is a well-established bicycle advocacy magazine out of the Czech Republic. For their big 25th issue they decided to change their name to a conjunction (it used to be Car Busters and now it's Carbusters), but that's beside the point. This magazine covers bike advocacy happenings around the world and is perfect for anyone excited about bikes and their potential to change the world and save our cities (and our sanity). It's a positive arena created to discuss and promote the creation of carfree (or at least car-lite) cities. It's not out to alienate or attack cardrivers, but simply to educate people about the destructive and unsustainable nature of cars and to suggest ways that people can improve their lives and their cities by embracing alternative and more enlightened forms of transport and by working towards improved and more accessible public transportation. My favorite article in this issue details life on car-free islands around the world. It mainly focuses on The Toronto Islands in Canada, Mackinac Island in Michigan and car-free islands in Croatia. There are also reports on actions that took place across the globe in celebration of World Carfree Day 2005 (Sept. 22) and an article chronicling a Critical Mass bike ride in Budapest that was 30,000 bicyclists strong. This magazine is ad-free and can be purchased for $4 at finer independent bookstores near you or you can contact them here:

Kratka 26
100 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

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