Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"we can live another life, we can die another death, we can get born again"

i shouldn't be admitting this, but something's missing lately...
there is longing.
there is too much emptiness.

i want more of this stuff:

"hello, my name is on my shirt pocket
i'd rather not speak right now
i'm remembering something

most typically my dreams are dreadfully boring,
therefore i go to these places just to see the girls
with hair like hers
with clothes like she wore
with smells like hers
with handwriting like hers

you wrote me little letters
and you brought me lunch that time at my work
and that poem you left on my windshield wrapped in plastic
to protect it from the rain"


"when i held you close
i felt my mind explode
and at that point my whole life froze
we can't go back from here
the feeling's far from fear
it's over, take my hand, we'll disappear"
-dinosaur jr.

don't worry about me ... this too will pass.

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Maaike said...

If I said I know what you would seem too simple. I posted something similar on my blog today.