Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"burn out switch is hit...instant meltdown...freak fry the ghost town"

Punkman Comic
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I have awesome friends who do awesome things:

My friend, Maaike, here in Moscow (Idaho) just put out a full color comic called Punkman. It's a fictional story with a conscience, and the main character is based on me. (I should say loosely, but I would also like to believe that I really am as cool as Punkman [even though I know I'm not]...so, I'm torn.) You can order a copy for yourself from either me (Dan M., Po Box 3154, Moscow ID 83843 USA) or Maaike D. (PO Box 8891, Moscow ID 83843 USA). The cost is two dollars or equal trade.

Another friend, Chelsea, in Portland OR just informed me that she recently started a blog called, Flavor Vegan, on which she is sharing her vast knowledge about cooking vegan food. And trust me, her knowledge really is vast. She develops her own recipes and cooks like a pro. Her blog includes tips, recipes, etc. and is definitely worth checking out.

As a side note:
The new Free Kitten album, Inherit, is incredibly awesome and totally worth the eleven year wait. Listen to it soon, please. Your mind will be blown.

"Yeah, I'll always be your friend...
at least just till the end."
-thurston moore ("Fri/end")

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Maaike said...

Yes, Dan really is this cool. He is one of the three coolest people I've met in my whole life, and believe me, I've met an awful lot of people.