Friday, July 04, 2008

"with every broken heart, we should become more adventurous"

Today is the fourth of July. The only thing that really means to me is that summer break is half over. School will be starting up again in about a month and half. Make the most of it, eh?

I finished reading another travel zine. It also happened to be about a trip to Europe. (I'm noticing a theme here.) Sarah Contrary went on a three month bike tour or Europe, alone. She wrote about it in Glossolalia #8. I bought this zine almost two years ago at Reading Frenzy in Portland, Oregon. It has taken me this long to finally read it. I have read past issues of Glossolalia, and they were great. This issue was no exception.

A coupla qoutes:
"[In France,] people always asked me if I was anything but American. They asked me if I was Italian or Spanish or British or even German. I don't know if they really thought that or if maybe it is just such a horrific insult to mistake someone for an American that no one will ever venture to ask unless you offer. When I said I was American, I always made sure to look sheepish. As long as I made it clear that I was enormously embarrassed by my country of origin, no one ever gave me a hard time, but every person I talked to for more than five minutes wanted to know why we drive such big cars."

"Sometimes it's hard to realize that no matter how hard you push yourself, there are some things you'll never be."

-You should read an issue of Glossolalia. It will inspire you to want to go on a bicycle trip. I get more excited about the idea with each issue that I read. GO BY BIKE!
-I also want to be in a New York City noise band. I even have a band name picked out and everything.
-Note to self: you are the king of awkwardness.
-This internet stuff is weird. Seriously.

"You say I choose sadness,
that it never once has chosen me,
maybe you're right."
-rilo kiley

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