Monday, January 19, 2009

"how can we be the best, yet be failing all the time?

Elephant Mess 21
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Elephant Mess has become a monthly zine for one year only, starting right now (with issue #21). This is the first issue of twelve for the year 2009. It's short but worth a stamp. I wrote about the double life syndrome and catalysts, plus I included artwork by Maaike. You can send a stamp for one issue or twelve stamps for all 12 issues (like a subscription ). A five dollar bill will also get you a one year subscription. Or just right me a friendly letter every month, and I'm sure you'll end up receiving all twelve.
Dan Murphy, PO Box 3154, Moscow ID 83843, USA

"Hal Hefner floated above his life. He saw the world around him as if he were just a ghost floating through. Nothing could harm him now. Nothing could move him or make him love again. He was that kind of ghost. The kind that couldn't love again...
Eventually, all of this would pass, and the memory of it would give way to embellishment and fantasy and outright distortion until it was hard for Hal Hefner to remember what he was really like back then when he still carried in his head the sound of a made-up perfect voice, the voice that could speak its heart, the voice he used to wish he had, until the day he stopped wishing he sounded like anyone else and just started talking as he was."
-from the movie, Rocket Science

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Sorry I haven't read your blog. I was just reading a zine that mentioned Take It - It's my Body and said you can be found here at your blog. Is your zine available to us in Australia somehow? Do you do trades or anything? Let me know. Cheers.
Fergus. icecream.socialist at