Sunday, January 11, 2009

"please don't scratch me out"

The Juniper 11
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Hello there co-conspirators.
Were you aware that I have just recently finished a brand new issue of The Juniper? Well I have. And while it seems to be taking me longer each year to get these things done, the important thing is that they are getting done. And if I'm going to go through all the trouble of making these things, well then you darn well better take the time to read them, ya hear? In this issue I talk about slowing down and looking on the bright side. I also give a quick overview of last season's gardening adventures, offer a composting primer, share a couple recipes and talk about cold frames among other things. It's worth a stamp or a trade.
Dan Murphy
PO Box 3154
Moscow ID 83843

Also, a new issue of Elephant Mess is in the works and should be done within the next week or two. So keep an eye out for that.


Mindy said...

please put me down for one! by the way it was sooo good seeing you over the chirstmas break. i wish i could have spent more time with you and trav. how can i convince you to come out to NYC to visit me? you can stay on my comfy sofabed for free and i'll take you to yummy vegan resturants... does that sound tempting? I'll introduce you to my former milano classmates who do urban farming / green roof initiatives here in the city... all you have to do is buy the airline ticket... just think about it...
have a great semester!

mim faukes said...

i found this at sticky in melbourne. i think it's beautiful. i find your prose to be succinctly inspiring. in australia we are receiving a 'stimulus package' of $900 to deal with the recession - i think you all got one from bush last year - and i don't see anyone being encouraged to 'conserve' with it, and your bit on externalities made me think a bit about that.

you're on my list now, i'll be keeping up with your doings. thanks.