Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weekly Recommendations, Week 2: Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Podcast

This week's recommendation is a highly entertaining podcast called Oh No, Ross and Carrie! hosted by Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy. The purpose of this podcast is to investigate and report on different religions, alternative medicine treatments, and paranormal/fringe science claims. Apart from just doing the research, they actually participate in the ritual, treatment, etc. in order to get a first hand experience and, as their tagline proclaims, "show up so that you don't have to." The podcast is fairly new (not even a year old yet), so the list of investigations is small so far; however, that also means that it won't take you very long to get all caught up if you're a first time listener. Religions investigated so far include Kabbalah, the Sikhs, and Mormonism. They have also had tarot readings, received acupuncture, and been hypnotised. Some of the investigations (e.g. ear candling and homeopathy) have even taken place in the studio as they're recording. They have also done a couple of interesting interviews - Brian Dalton of Mr. Diety and Roger Nygard of The Nature of Existence - and likely have more interviews in the works. Each episode, aside from being interesting and compelling, is also filled with humor and wit, and it's very likely that you'll have a hard time making it through a single episode without laughing out loud as a result of the ensuing hilarity.

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