Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekly Recommendations, Week 11: Judge John Hodgman Podcast

I have recently become quite obsessed with podcasts. I spend dozens of hours a week listening to them, which is odd because I'm a huge fan of music as well, which means that my podcast listening has significantly reduced my music listening. In fact, I have very little music stored on my mp3 player these days. Instead, I have deleted most of the music in order to make room for the ever-expanding library of podcasts to which I have become a loyal listener. One such podcast is Judge John Hodgman, a podcast in a family of podcasts found at Maximum Fun. You may recognize John Hodgman from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or perhaps you have read one of his books or seen him in one or more of his various television and film appearances. If you're at all familiar with Mr. Hodgman, then certainly you're aware that he's a pretty funny guy. But is he a real judge? Well, no. But that's partly what makes his podcast so great. Each episode consists of him acting as judge endeavoring to solve a dispute brought before him by listeners of the podcast. The disputes are real, and they are usually pretty trite and mundane, but the whole process is made quite humorous due to the witty and comical comments of Judge Hodgman and his bailiff, Jesse Thorn. After Judge Hodgman has listened to both sides of the case and delivered his verdict, the complainant and defendant are excused, and together with Bailiff Jesse, they "clear the docket." In other words, they read emails from listeners who would like the Judge to solve minor disputes and answer petty questions. This podcast is always a fun listen and gets me laughing out loud quite a bit, so whether or not you're a regular podcast listener, this is definitely one that I'd recommend to pretty much anyone.

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