Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Weekly Recommendations, Week 14: The Measure [sa]

As a big fan of punk rock and live music, the news that The Measure [sa] had disbanded followed by the realization that I had missed out on the opportunity to see such a standout band live was a profound letdown. I love The Measure [sa]! Why did their time on earth have to be so short?

It is difficult for me to articulate exactly what I love so much about The Measure [sa]. Their guitars were rhythmic but jangly. Their melodies were catchy but original. Their lyrics were memorable but unpredictable. They reminded me of a modern day Hüsker Dü fused with the energy and originality of bands like Crimpshine, Fifteen, American Steel, and Discount. Beyond that, there is really not much else to say except that they were incredible and fantastic. They were a New Jersey punk band that put out a handful of full-lengths and a bevy of 7-inches in their short career, touring all parts of countryside along the way. With their demise, they left behind a great legacy that punk bands of today and tomorrow will be challenged to live up to. Their existence helped renew my faith in punk rock and gave me the motivation to continue to seek out existing punk bands that are as relevant and moving as they were. While I sincerely wish that they were still around and that the possibility of someday seeing them live was still a reality, bands like The Measure [sa] keep me determined to stick with the punk rock genre for years to come. As long as bands of their ilk keep popping up from time to time, I’ll be hooked on punk for the foreseeable future.


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