Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Recommendations, Week 15: Monkey Squad One

Occasionally I write reviews for Syndicated Zine Reviews, but it has been forever since I have posted anything. This week I finally got around to posting a new review, and it just happened to be for one of my favorite independent comics, Monkey Squad One. Read the review for yourself and tell me it doesn't sound interesting, then get in touch with Doug (MSO creator) and get your mitts on a copy for yourself.

Monkey Squad One #8
digest, 24 pages, $2.50
The zombie apocalypse continues in the 8th issue of Monkey Squad One. The city of St. Louis has become overrun by zombies, and a team of three youngsters, known as Monkey Squad One, has been commissioned to take them out. A zombie killing spree ensues, and amid the carnage the sound of an acoustic guitar is heard. Enter washed-up, crybaby crooner, Cletus Whiteheart, hypnotizing zombies with his diminished chords. This is part two of the zombie apocalypse (check out MSO #7 to find out how it all started), and considering what happens in the last few pages of this issue, it’s clear that the affair is far from over. I have enjoyed reading several issues of this comic. It’s highly entertaining and very well done. It has a great mix of humor, adventure, action, and wit. Totally worth a look.
Etsy: Monkey Shop One
Twitter: MonkeySquadOne

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