Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cheating Is The New Faithful

There is nothing much to say except that I am tired. Tired of working all the time just to barely scrape by. Tired of school even though I'm only in my first year. Tired of not being able to spend my time doing all the things that I really want to be doing. Tired of having a head full of ideas but not knowing where to begin or how to start. Tired of not having the time to figure everything out. Tired of being tired and worn out. Tired of having no one to talk to - to unload all of my thoughts on. Tired of feeling empty - like there's nothing that's tangible in my life, nothing real (everything is fake). Tired of not being able to see all of my dreams realized immediately - or even see a logical or obvious path leading to their eventual realization. Tired of mundane life rituals and mere nuanced days (as in, every day is the same regardless). Mostly, I'm just tired of being alone.
Write to me please.
Order my zine...you won't regret it - and if you do regret it, at least it won't be comparable to your other regrets cuz heaven knows that we're all drowning in a pool of them.

Do you ever feel like you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown or that you could pass out completely at any given moment and it wouldn't even matter?
until next time... ... Happy Fat Tuesday!

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