Friday, February 18, 2005

Sorry for apologizing

I'm sorry about that last posting. I know that nobody wants to hear me ramble on - complaining about the depressing mess that my life is. I should consider my audience a little more before I go and bravely click on that bright orange 'Publish Post' button at the bottom of the page. But does this weblog even have an audience really? I didn't think so.
The new issue of Zine World (#22) showed up in my mail box today. Included inside was a review of my zine Elephant Mess #11 which I had sent them almost a year ago. Here's a sampling of the review: "Dan must be one of the most depressed people in the universe...While sometimes visually striking, overall this was really too much of a downer to be enjoyable."
Now I know for sure that people don't want to read 'depressing junk'.

I wish I had an odometer on my bike. Today I rode out to Hill's Farmer's Market on Fairview Ave. in Meridian. It didn't seem to take me that long to get there (even after making a couple of stops) but then as I turned around to head back I realized that I had been kindly helped out by a mild westbound(?) wind and now on my return trip I would have to fight against it. Needless to say, it took me a bit longer to make it back home (especially now that my backpack was full of great Farmer's Market finds). Now my leg muscles are hating me, and I still have to make it through a long nights work washing dishes. Oh well...the ride is always worth it, and if you live in the area, or if you're ever passing through, you should definitely stop by Hill's Farmer's Market (I'll post the address soon). It's worth it just for the friendly service and old country feel (it's housed in an old, renovated barn and a lot of the shelves and baskets are antique and old-fashioned).

Don't mind mind just slipped.

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you're a real pal