Monday, February 28, 2005

Live Journaling Sellout

I went ahead and followed the crowd and got a livejournal account. Not that anyone will want to or will ever read it...but crap man, I just feel like I'm slipping into non-existence here losing connection with everyone, and if I don't do something quick I'm just going to disappear completely - fall right off the face of the earth.
Come to think of it, maybe I should be working on tangible relationships with people who I can actually see and talk to face to face rather than penpals and online friends, but you know me, ever the social outcast (mostly on purpose).
So, if you'd like to check out my livejournal site (which will be much like this one) go to:
And if I never get around to adding any indymedia news to this blog then just go check it out for yourself at:

Regarding my zines, and yes I do real zines, you can order them through paypal ( if you'd like. Just put a dollar or two into my paypal account and I'll send you a stack of zines - email = I am currently working on Elephant Mess #14 which should be out in about a month. Personal is pathetic. Thanks for staring at a computer screen.


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