Monday, September 19, 2005

Mailing List Is Lost & Elephant Mess Is Contraband

Okay so, I worked really hard on developing a Juniperbug Productions mailing list so that I would have a comprehensive list of all the people who have written to me in the past year or so, and so that these people would automatically receive copies of the Juniper whenever new issues are done, and I saved all of this info on a disc and not a computer because I don't own a computer, and now that I have a new issue of The Juniper out I went to upload my mailing list to print it off so that I could send a copy to each one of the nearly 200 people/distros/stores on the list, and wouldn't you know it - the disc had caught a virus and my mailing list is gone forever. (That was a long sentence.) Luckily I have an old list that I printed off a coupla months ago, plus I have most of the other addresses written down or stowed away some place else, but still I'm sure I'm probably missing a few and plus all the hardwork that went into putting that mailing list together is wasted. That sucks. I hate computers. Anyway, my point is that if you don't receive a copy of The Juniper #5 within the next three months (because it's going to take me at least that long to get around to sending them all out) and you think you were on the mailing list (because you definitely were if you've written to me within the past 6 months or so) then send me an email or something and let me know that I have forgotten about you, because I probably didn't really forget about you - I just lost your address.
In other news....I received a copy of Elephant Mess #15 in the mail yesterday stamped "return to sender." The awesome part is that it was also stamped "CONTRABAND." I had sent it to a female prisoner in Goochland, VA. I guess the inspectors there opened it up and decided that it was restricted material and was not allowed to enter the prison or be delivered to its intended recipient so they taped it back up, stamped it contraband and sent it back to me. Of all the things that could be considered contraband, I never figured that Elephant Mess had that grand potential. The Juniper maybe, but even that's pretty mild in content. Anyway, I was just trying to be nice and give an inmate who had written to me something to read, but I was thwarted by a higher power. Skunked again!

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