Thursday, September 01, 2005

My dentist looks like Jimmy Fallon

I will update this again soon. I have more reviews to post. School started, and I had a root canal yesterday. I am wasting money as we speak. I am also worried about the folks in New Orleans, zine pals and fellow diy-ers. I hope they're alright. Kyle Bravo says that Hot Iron Press may be gone forever. He lost everything in the hurricane. I hope that he finds some way to rebuild his empire. Hot Iron Press was one of my most favorite distros. And they were revolutionary, too. Not one of those dime a dozen distros that pop-up and disappear on a daily basis. They were trustable. Now they are in limbo because of natural causes. It's sad I tell you.
I shouldn't be typing this right now. I need to get some sleep, my friends. More later.

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