Sunday, July 23, 2006

"how could you have known the temperature and the distance of the sun"

It looks like I read more this week (week ending 7/22/06) than I actually did because some of these zines were really short or didn't require much reading:
-Touched by an Anvil #16
-Free, Blonde and 21 zine
-Public Notebook #4
-Risin' Up #1
-Ladypajama Is... #23
-Inarticulate #6.5
-Pony Express Zine #1

I should tell you that Public Notebook is one of my most favorite zines. It is written by a smart, courageous, young kid in Michigan. He was 14 when he started. He's turning 16 next month. His zines are small and simple, but his words are honest and real. It's tough growing up. I am glad he has found ways to make it more bearable such as doing a sweet little zine for zine obsessed aging guys like me to read. Also, Public Notebook is one of my most favorite zine titles of all time.

I have a broken tooth. It has been broken for over a year. It is the tooth to the very left of my two front teeth. It looks like there is a big hole in it. I am very self-conscious about it, so I try not to smile or laugh to big in public, and I would prefer it if you stayed on my right hand side while talking to me so that hopefully you won't notice it so much. I should really just bite the bullet and get that fixed, but dental work is so expensive and I don't have any insurance. Soon I will probably end up needing a root canal on it or something, and what is cheaper? Better to fix it now and save money so that I can smile more.

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robotmadder said...

I will stay on your right hand side while talking to you if you continually face south.