Monday, July 03, 2006

"you've gotta bite into life like it's a big hunk of bison"

Last week (ending 7/01/06) I read this stuff:
-Das Papierkrieg #10
-Connected: Boston zine
-ladypajama is... #21
-Connected: Portland zine
-Jane Boston journal entries
-Mixtape minicomic
-You Live For The Fight When That's All You've Got #1

Some music that I've really been into lately mainly due to having a radio show:
-Starlight Mints
-Dressy Bessy
-The Boy Least Likely To
-Kimya Dawson
-Half-Handed Cloud
-Mates of State
-The Gerbils
-Great Lakes
-The Unicorns
-The Microphones
-Nellie Mckay
-Little Wings

Okay, that's enough name dropping. Am I cool now?

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