Sunday, July 16, 2006

"i'll stay here and fight for lover's rights"

I told you I would read more stuff this week (week ending 07/15/06):
-Permaculture & Seed Exchange Newsletter Spring/Summer 2006
-Local Grub Newsletter June 2006
-The Drama #5
-Mrs. Noggle zine
-Hydroge-Nation zine
-Nontoxic Housecleaning zine
-Scam #5 1/2
-Ladypajama Is... #22
-The Pleiades #16
-Crapulescence #2

My stomach has been bothering me more than usual all day today. It is not uncommon for me to have these stomach problems. I am still not sure what's causing them. Several years ago I decided to let the doctors check me out. They ran a number of tests on me which included putting cameras into my stomach and colon. All the tests were inconclusive. The only thing they could tell me was that my stomach lining was red and that there was more acid than usual. They gave me some drugs that I decided not to take after reading the seemingly endless list of side effects, preferring a bad stomach to all those other less desirables. Thus, the stomach problems continue. I don't trust doctors, so until I find some other option I will just have to deal.
Aren't you glad I told you all that?

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