Monday, February 19, 2007

"i clench my teeth, ignore my heart"

Several weeks ago I received a CD from a good friend of mine from Canada and was asked to review it. Since I don't typically do reviews in any of my zines, I decided that I would post a review here on my blog, which is something that I occasionally do. Francois is a longtime pen pal of mine and this is his latest music release:

G&F - Two Solitudes Standing
G is for Gary Flanagan, a solo artist and editor of Night Waves zine. F is for Francois Marceau of Leper Collective, Flesh for Frank and various other music projects as well as the former editor of Mastock zine. The disc is six tracks of electronic noise and distorted sound clips. Lots of interesting sounds permeate this disc, and they range from soothing to eerie to freakish or moving. The liner notes describe the music best, "various mangled, deeply processed insect sounds, noises, ambient, minimal samples." Also, "found sound, audio samples, voice, loops, noise, effects, guitar, [and] processed sound." It's very unique stuff, and is surely the product of countless hours of work. It's definitely worth a listen. If you'd like to order a copy, you can send $7 to:
Francois Marceau
7375 Louis-Hebert
Montreal, Quebec
H2E 2X5

Smash your head on the electronic rock.

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