Monday, February 05, 2007

"oh, i feel as scattered as grandmother's pearls"

I have been working on a new issue of Elephant Mess. It's almost finished ... or, it's closer to being finished than not. Hopefully you will have a copy of it in your hands before the month is over...or at least shortly thereafter, because surely it will take me several weeks to send them all out. I am telling you this because I thought it would be nice of me to keep you updated, and because I figured it was about time I posted something meaningful on here (although the meaningfulness of this post is debatable).
Since I'm not feeling overly wordy right at this moment, allow me to direct you to something that has me very excited lately: this.
Oh, and have you seen that recent documentary Jesus Camp? Crazy stuff.


Lynn said...

I had a rare few minutes with nothing to do so I hit the next blog button a few times. I was just skimming until I noticed that you are from Moscow,Id.. I lived in Buhl for a few years in high school. Now I live not far from a town spelled Moscow, but said Mos-co. Small world.
Thanks for the heads up on Bunnycuss. I really liked the song on there myspace page.

robotmadder said...

No, haven't seen Jesus Camp!