Sunday, May 21, 2006

"it's not quite summer, but it feels like summer to us"

Now that school is out for the summer, I have time to catch up on some reading. Each week during the summer break I plan to list here on this blog all of the zines and things that I read during that week, so plan on hearing from me fairly least until school starts up again in August.
Here is this weeks list (week ending 5/20/2006):
-various plays by Maaike
-One Girl #3
-dimanche #2
-Teaching Nutrition zine
-Crushpuppy zine
-ladypajama is... #16
-Hip Hop Don't Stop #4
-Fatty Boom Boom: vegan cookzine
-Devil Girl #2

I am also going to be posting pictures of my gardening on my flickr page. I simplified the web address, so here it is: Check it out sometime. Things should pick up in the next few weeks as I recently discovered that the growing season here is much shorter than I originally thought it was. Consider yourself lucky if you live in the warmer states and have been gardening since March or April.
In other good news: I am going to have a radio show at the university student radio station here in Moscow, Idaho. Wednesday mornings from 6am to 8:30am pacific time. If you get a chance you should check it. The station streams online at I am mainly going to play eccentric indie pop rock in the vein of Elephant 6 and company, but I'm also going to throw in a mixture of other great stuff as well. It will be awesome....I promise.

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